[January 12, 2014]

Jack invited me to Cambridge, MD (KCGE) today to meet up with the Clearview Airport gang for lunch. Cambridge has a great restaurant on field.

A nice 20 kts tailwind. Also, take a look at my blurry CHT's - in the 270's! I think my pocket digital camera is ready for retirement...it doesn't take clear pictures anymore. I can't say it owes me anything, it's been a trooper for a number of years.

The Bush River on the north side of the Chesapeake Bay is frozen.

Some areas of thin ice in the bay.

Formation flying is very satisfying, but a lot of work. If you don't pay attention for a moment or two, things can change quickly.

After a wonderful lunch, we headed back. The skies broke by Cambridge.

However, back around the head of the bay it was overcast at about 4,000'. Great day in the RV!

Peter was riding in Jack's airplane as the GIB (Guy in Back) and took all of the following awesome pics.

Lastly, Peter shot this great video of our formation takeoff at KCGE



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