[April 27, 2013]

Essex Skypark (W48) was having a flyin today to celebrate their 99 year lease renewal for their airport. Essex was close to being shut down, but the local pilots were luckily able to work something out with the county.

We were late leaving for the fly in. 3 of us total were in the group flying over from KDMW - Jack in his RV-8 and Alan in his RV-4. It was Alan's first time flying formation and he got a real kick out of it.

I shot video of the whole trip there and back. When I went to review it, I noticed I flew directly over my house.

Final for Essex Skypark. It was a gorgeous day to be flying. Great visibility and no winds to speak of.

On the ground at Essex. Alan's RV-4 is a proud member of the growing unpainted aircraft club at KDMW.

Jack pre-flighting his RV-8. Notice he parks his painted aircraft far from the bare ones.

The hodgepodge of hangars at Essex.

On the flight back, we saw a gathering of vehicles and decided to go in for a closer look. After getting back on the ground, I looked into it and it was the annual Glyndon Hunt Cup. I supposed the horse people didn't much enjoy the airplanes....

Back at KDMW, I put forth some effort on my new vertical stab tip. The results from the other day's fiberglassing were very positive.

I made another metal plate for the forward facing side of the tip, and glassed it into place. This should be it for all of the structural work on the tip - only cosmetic work left.

The afternoon was still young, so I decided to do some rolls. I messed up this one and went to 0 G's according to my G-meter. If you look closely at the pic, you can see things that should be on the floor floating in the air. Scared me.

Once you get kicked off the horse, you gotta jump right back on! Did a few more rolls.

And a solid landing to finish off the day. Great day of flying and working on the RV!



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