[April 6, 2013]

I have not been happy with my GoPro camera mount. It works OK, but there is still some vibration in the picture. What I decided to do was buy a new vertical stabilizer tip and modify it to allow a GoPro camera to fit in it. Off the old one came to fit the new one.

The new tips are not white! I was in Portland, OR the other week for business and picked this puppy up. The tip also seems to be thicker. Leave it to Van's to always make things better.

My old vertical stabilizer tip has seen better days. A while back I attempted to rotate the airplane by pushing on the tip, leaving it to crack.

I needed to fix the original tip, along with epoxy metal backing strips to the new tip.

I not only epoxied the old tip back together, but I also reinforced it. Hopefully it will not be cracking anytime soon.

I also glued in the backing strips for the nutplates to mount on.

While I was at Van's, I also picked up their oil cooler shutter door to better control my oil temps.

I played around with how to mount it on the oil cooler, but ran out of time and didn't want to make the airplane unflyable.

I have been wanting to add an Angle Of Attack (AOA) device to my airplane. The Dynon pitot tube has an AOA sensor on it, meant to connect to a Dynon EFIS. I am going to do some experimentation and see if I can't come up with something else. Dynon's least expensive device for capturing this sensor is their D6, which runs approx $1600. I think I can built something for $200.

My buddy Jack stopped in the hangar and we talked each other into flying to Frederick, MD (KFDK) for lunch in a loose formation. We're running up on the ramp @ KDMW here. Looks like a spam-can is on short final in the pic.

Frederick Airport - Home of AOPA.

Jack's RV-8 parked on the ramp.

My RV-7 on the ramp. On the way home we flew loose formation with me in the lead. Great unexpected flight!



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