[July 27, 2012]

It's been 7 months and 40 hours since my last oil change so I decided to change it today.

I am going to send an oil sample off to the labs, but I didn't have the kit yet, so I stored a sample of the oil.

My CHT's have been creeping higher so I did some looking the plenum-to-baffle gaps. I saw a few significant gaps. I will take the plenum off and re-RTV it this weekend.

This damn oil dipstick is still leaking where it comes in contact with the engine block.

My friend Jack recommended putting a hole in the oil filter and rotating it 90 degrees to allow the oil to drain -- it's supposed to make less of a mess.

I used my form-a-funnel to capture the oil. Worked great! One of my easiest oil changes yet.

I cut apart the oil filter and found basically nothing. Jack said it was one of the cleanest filters he's ever seen. Just about 2-3 small specs of metal were in the filter material.



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