[July 15, 2012]

Along with re-RTV'ing my plenum to the engine block, I noticed there was some wear in the location the front of the plenum is attached to the baffles. In flight, the plenum could theoretically lift up away from the engine and allow possible cooling air to escape around the engine block. I used this scrap piece of 063" angle to better hold down the front of the plenum.

The test of the plenum being resealed looked successful! CHT's back int the 330's.

I wasn't too happy to see the cruise yaw out of alignment by 1/4 of a ball. I might of not of aligned the gear legs perfectly.

Since I am planning on going to OSH next weekend, I wanted to make some gust locks. I got the idea for this off of the VAF forums.

Dirt simple and they work great! Beats the $40/pop airgizmo's!

Since using the transponder antenna seemed to give me great results as an ADS-B antenna, I decided to mount one permanently.

And I finished the installation on the inside by wiring it up to my ADS-B receiver! I will have to get out to the airport this week to test this sucker out!



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