[December 11, 2011]

My friend Neal's birthday was today and for the longest time he's wanted a ride in the RV. He is originally from NJ, and for him to go back there to visit his family is a solid 3 hour drive from Maryland. When I told him it will only take 35 minutes to get to Ocean City, NJ from MD, he was shocked. So for his birthday, we decided to head to OC to get some breakfast.

This nuclear power plant is on the Delaware river, almost right across from where the C&D (Chesapeake and Delaware River) canal is.

Neal pointed out these Silica mines in Jersey. I had no idea there were so many of them in southern jersey. Neal said back in the day when he was growing up, a majority of the towns thrived on the silica mined from these which was used to produce glass. They sure looked amazing from the air.

More silica mines.

We arrived near Ocean City, NJ in about 35 minutes.

Short final for runway 06.

It took two attempts to get the RV on the ground because the low level winds were pretty gusty. (Nevermind the fact I am a little out of practice!).

We went on a quick walk to the ocean. It was a chilly day out - only about 35 degrees when we got here!

Takeoff from Ocean City, NJ

This is a house off of the Maurice River. Neal's father built this when Neal was a child out of pretty much scraps given to him. Neal got a real kick out of flying over it.

South of Millville, NJ.

Another Silica mine.

North of the Delaware River in NJ is very marshy land. The rivers and streams almost like alive.

Delaware Memorial Bridge in the distance.

This was a fort or a prison we flew over in the Delaware River.

A quarry right off of I-95 in either Northern MD or Delaware. I have traveled up and down 96 a million times and have never known there is a quarry right there.

Damn on the Susquehanna river.

Downwind to base at KDMW

And short final at KDMW. Neal had a blast! He can't wait for another ride in the RV. 2.2 hours and 17.2 gallons of fuel. Not a bad way to spend Sunday morning. Oh yeah - we were back and had the whole afternoon to waste on doing chores! The RV is really a time machine!



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