[May 8, 2011]

Today's forecast was absolutely beautiful. Low winds and great viability. I didn't have a whole lot of time to fly today, but I thought I would fly to the Fallston, MD airport (W42) near where my friend Dave lives. It is a shorter runway (2200') and narrower (50') than the runway at DMW. I thought it would be great practice to fly over there and practice on a shorter runway.

Flying over I passed north of Hunt Valley, MD. You can see the highway route 83 running north and south.

Northern Baltimore county.

Doing a little bit of economy cruise at 20.5 MPG with a 14 kts tailwind. Oil temp was looking good at 179 degrees and he CHT's were in the low-to-mid 300's.

Whats this? I received an iPad from work and loaded on ForeFlight. I have to say this app is amazing. Full VFR charts and AFD. On the ground where I can get a wifi signal it downloads weather and radar. The only problem I have is where to mount it. It is a little on the big size and could interfere with things in the cockpit.

The first approach I made to Fallston airport I was high on final. And a little fast. My wheels didn't touch until I was half way down the runway so I needed to go around. This next approach was much better, but I was still a little fast on final. I was able to pull off a decent landing but the tires were definitely chirping trying to slow down in time for the end of the runway.

On my way back to KDMW, I flew over the warehouse I work in.

I did a circle of it and got this better picture. Great 1 hour flight!



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