[March 20, 2011]

Weather was absolutely perfect today for a flight. Low ground winds and great visibility. Time to launch! My first flight I did some top speed tests. At 6200' I ran balls out with the wheelpants on -- top speed 170 ktias == 195 MPH! nevermind the fact I am burining 16.8 GPH.

It was hazy out today. Off to the south I could see Ski Liberty's backside slopes.

I love my new QT Halo headsets. Absolutely a necessity for RV flying. They are quiet and also have great clarity when talking.

My CHT issue seemed to resolve itself with my probe switch-a-roo. You can also see where I leaned out the engine on the EGT graph.

136 kts at 8.1 GPH at 65% at 6000'.

Last snow at Ski Roundtop. Crappy East Coast skiing, I will not miss you...

132 Kts at 65% burning 7.4 GPH and 19.0 GPH. I love economy...

A killer 3.7 hours in the air today between two flights.... This airplane rocks. 3.6 left in Phase I!



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