[March 19, 2011]

I was away in the great land of Utah for a week of skiing with my college buddies. When I got home, I saw my shipment from www.rvbits.com came in -- intersection fairing

These fairings fit extremely well. Very high quality at an extremely affordable price. I marked on the gear legs where the fairings extended to.

The wheel fairings fit OK - but that's because they are supposed to work with the Van's pressure recovery wheelpants. The Sam James wheel pants are mighty different.

Once I saw how much the intersection fairings extended up and down the landing gear I was able to trim the wheel leg fairings.

Next I trimmed the hinges.

Then some drilling.

Finally I drilled the gear leg fairings and countersunk then for the rivets. Took a lot of time to get here. I plan on pro-sealing these hinges to the fairings....



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