[January 22, 2011]

I received the new oil temp sensor from GRT on Thursday of this week, but I didn't have any time to install it until tonight. What a cold night too. I think it was 14 degrees outside. I brought my propane heater to the hangar (40-80kBTU) and it barely made a noticeable difference other than eating through a tank of propane. I need something beefier for the hangar.

While the heater was warming the hangar up a little I shoveled the snow outside of my hangar door. My hangar door faces east, so I get basically no help from the sun to melt the snow in front of it. The hangars across the way of course have no snow in front of them.

It seemed like it took no time at all to rip out the old oil temp sensor. I was probably working extra fast since it was sooo cold outside.

Old oil temp

And the new one. The only perceivable difference is the hole for the safety wire is machined a little differently.

Before I went ahead and installed it, I buzzed it out on my ohm meter. 34.4k Ohm

Just for fun I tossed the old one on the meter. What? Works now!?!? Well it was intermittent.

I made a new harness for the sensor and tossed it in. I tossed on the cowling too because I wanted to run the engine for 10 minutes or so to verify there were no leaks. I'll do that tomorrow.



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