[October 14, 2009]

I played around a little more with the dry transfer system. I thought I would document my steps. First I heated my laminator up for about 30 minutes. The documentation says it isn't hot enough when the "Ready" light comes on. I also have it on the "5 mil" setting (switch on top). I think this makes it hotter.

Next I printed out a label on the sheet of printer paper they provide. You MUST use a laser prints. Inkjet printers are not compatible.

Going my the directions I used my heat gun to dry the label.

Next I opened up the TRF Sampler foil pack.

I grabbed the clear "Special Effect Foil". Now I am pretty sure there is a top and bottom to this.

Using the thick board they supplied, I used some tape to hold down the foil to the board, with the label underneath.

I then sent it through the laminator.

I removed the foil and then covered the label with the blue tape enclosed. This is to remove any residue the foil might of left on the label.

Next I grabbed the smaller TRF package that has Carrier Mylar in bold on the lower right side of the package. I cut a piece of this mylar about the side of the graphic.

Next I cleaned both the graphic and the mylar with 91% Isopropul alcohol. I couldn't find this at the supermarket and needed to go to CVS.

I then taped the mylar onto the board, similar to the step above, but this is mylar and not foil. I then sent it through the laminator.

Next I trimmed all of the excess mylar from around the graphic.

Then I drunked the graphic into a water bath. The mylar is supposed to peal off the paper with the text on it.

Well crap. Most of the text came up but not all of it. I need to figure out why....

I might as well try to apply what I had, so I sprayed the back side of the mylar (side where text reads backwards) with the included spray adhesive.

I then applied it to my test sheet.

And removed the mylar. While it looks crappy, it did apply what transfered to the mylar perfectly. I need to figure out why it isn't transfering to the mylar now.....



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