[August 12, 2009]

So I was trying to maintain a method of finishing up one electrical system per night. Well, it is 1:15am right now and I am just finishing up day three of the trim wiring. This has been a lot of work. First I mounted up the TCW Technologies trim controller. I needed to notch the seat ribs in order to make room for holes to adjust the trim sensitivity. One thing I have heard about the Ray Allen servo's on the RV's is they are pretty fast. Just tap the trim button and you might have overtrimmed. I like the fact the TCW trim controller has a potentiometer on it to control the speed of the trim. For some reason the TCW manual kept hinting the trim controller should be mounted on the subpanel. But I didn't like that for a couple of reasons. First off, I am seriously running out of room up there. Secondly, I would have to run a boatload of wires up there. It makes sense next to the pilots stick.

Since I have the trim controller mounted under the seat pan, which will be pop riveted in, I need a way to get to the adjustments on it. So I clecoed in the seat pan and used a sharpie to outline the notches I made in the seat ribs on the bottom of the set pans.

Here is my mark. I then used a #30 bit followed up a unibit to open the holes up slightly.

With the holes opened up, I clecoed in the seat pan again to see how they lined up. Good enough. I am a little worried about these holes being a drain if I ever spill anything on the seats. I am probably just going to put some packing tape over them to protect the trim controller.

After a lot of wiring in close quarters, I finished wiring the trim controller. The arrow points to the wires that will go to the china hat on the control stick.

With the aileron trim servo in place (I don;t have the elevator servo on yet), I tested the trim controller and the LED segment bar. Seemed to work great. Here the servo is all the way to the left.

And all the way to the right. I don't know if I have the servo and/or indicators backwards yet. I haven't gotton it straight in my head which way everything needs to be. Trim is a funny thing.

I am thinking I am on the home stretch for wiring. Best I can tell I have the following left:

1) Landing and Taxi lights
2) Pitot head
3) Strobe and Nav lights
4) Outside Air Temp (OAT)
5) Flap and flap indicator
6) ELT
7) Auxiliary Audio Input
8) DC Power Point (I call them Cigarette Lighter Outlets)

Plus I am going to prewire a TruTrak autopilot. It is so easy to do it now, and it will probably be a pain in the future.


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