[August 9, 2009]

I started out today by wiring the Princeton capacitive to resistive converts. The left tank unit was already mounted up, so I wired it up with a mini-Mate-N-Lok connector in the subpanel.

I fired up the EIS and the lights came on the sender. Good enough for me.

I didn't mount the right converter because I didn't have a good technique for doing it. Because of the large lightening hole, no matter how I oriented the converter, only one of the two mounting holes would go through the rib. So what I did was just use one hole and put some GOOP on the back of the converter to glue it on.

I also put a small snap bushing in the subpanel for the wires.

Finally I wired up another mini Mate-N-Lok connector for the right converter.

Next on the to-do list was the fuel pump and the fuel flow meter wiring. I combined the grounds of the two and used a 4 position Mate-N-Lok connector.

After some fun wire routing and wiring up the fuel pump switch, I had this wired in. I turned on the fuel pump switch momentarily to see if it would make any noises. Sure enough it did. You aren't supposed to run it dry, so I kept its running time to a minimum.

Next I blew some air through the fuel pump assembly to see if the fuel flow meter registered on the EFIS. Sure enough it did!



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