[February 23, 2009]

I have a couple of things drying or waiting for parts, so its time to work on the panel cutting some more. About a month or more ago, I started the EIS cutout. Well, I finally was able to get back to it. I cut out the three button holes in the panel.

Obviously the three holes are for the three buttons on the EIS.

Perfect fit!

Well, it wasn't perfect at first. The buttons were pretty short in the panel. So I took apart the EIS hoping there was some spacer I could take out. Turns out I really lucked out. There was about a 0.063" spacer. I took it out.

Before I put everything back together, I put some electrical tape on the front panel of the EIS. It looked like some solder joints could rub.

Next I started the cutout for the LCD. I was pretty tired so I only did a rough cut.

Here is what it will look like in the end. Looks better than that ugly stock face eh?



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