[February 21, 2009]

What a great day in the shop. How everything gets wired firewall-forward finally came together. Here is a pic of what I accomplished by the end of the day. I pretty much have the battery to master, master to main buss, starter solenoid to starter, battery bus and starter wired up. Its not 100% yet because I (of course) needed to order some adel clamps and screws from Spruce, but the routing is SOLID.

Here is the connector to the positive terminal of the battery. The orange wire (flexible welding wire) goes from the battery to the master relay. The white wire goes to an "always hot" bus (battery bus) fuse block.

Here is where the main battery wire connects to the master relay. I needed to bend the terminal 90 degrees for it to fit nicely. You can also see the 20 AWG wire I used to connect to the master relay. This will route back to the master switch.

I used a combination of adel clamps on the engine mount to hold the battery wire and alternator wire from the ANL limiter base.

In this pic you can see the starter wire and main bus wire.

Another shot of my wire routes.

Now here is the tricky parts. How to get the wires to the starter and alternator and also get the oil return hose in there. I used a big adel clamp on the intake tube with two little ones on either side for the wires and oil line.

On the front, I used two large adel clamps to keep everything as far as possible from the exhaust.

On the bottom of my engine case there were three 5/16-18 threaded holes unused. This was a perfect place for an adel clamp to support the starter wire. Today was the first official day of real wiring. I am real happy with how much progress I made.



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