[January 13, 2009]

I forgot to take a pic of the subpanel cutout I made the other day for the map box. I needed to take the subpanel out again so I could file a little off of it. I am really glad I didn't rivet these guys in yet. This would of been a total pain to do in the fusel.

As luck would have it, the bottom of the map box was perfectly aligned with the bottom of the subpanel. I put some 063 angle under the subpanel to support the map box and reinforce the subpanel a little.

The angle on the inboard edge overlaps the center subpanel section, so I needed to file 0.032" off of the angle where the overlap occurs.

Here you can see why the angle needs to be notched.

Next on tap was to mount the Grand Rapids Engine Information System (GRT EIS or EIS for short). I am mounting mine behind the panel and just making holes for the buttons and display. The face of the EIS is butt ugly, and the aftermarket faceplates for it (SteinAir) aren't much better looking (plus expen$ive!). So, Mike Regen gave me the idea to mount it behind the panel.

I got the bright idea to take the EIS apart so I could use the faceplate as a drilling template. Worked great, except getting her back together sucked. There were a ton of spacers that needed to be mounted that kept on falling out.

Here is the real beauty of taking the faceplate off. I was able to trace where the buttons go. I couldn't trace the display window for the LCD because there was a protective plastic cover over it. Oh well, that one should be easier.



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