[January 7, 2009]

So the ICOM radio and the Garmin GPS are fairly well support by penetrating the subpanel. However, the transponder (Garmin 327) doesn't go back that deep. So, it's just dangling out there in the wind. I am sure vibrations and such over time would have the toll on this setup.

I scratched my head a little and then determined a strap of 032 between the bottom of the GNS430 and the transponder trays would work out nicely. There are some pre-drilled holes in the 430 tray, but I think they are #30 and not countersunk. The transponder has a hole already countersunk.

My solution was to open up the hole in the garmin GPS tray to #27, then countersink the inside for a #6 screw. I am lucky the countersinking bits fit in the 90 degree drill angle adapter!

The hole countersunk....

...and with a #6 screw. Perfect. Plus there is plenty of material to do this. I don't know why these extra holes are in the tray. I don't see any issues with this plan.

Next I made a strap out of 032 between the two holes. Access to put the screws in totally sucks, but it isn't that bad.

I trimmed the bottom of the strap a little. I think it looks better this way. The transponder is solid as a rock now. I am not going to secure the audio panel because that thing is so light, plus all the maneuvers this plane is going to be rated for are positive G's.



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