[September 9, 2010]

I ordered some cowl plugs from Aircraft Covers, Inc. a while back. Today they contacted me letting me know they needed some specific measurements of the James Cowl in order to make the cowl plugs just right. So I took some measurements and pics for them.

Tonight was mainly spent on calibrating the Princeton (really GRT) capacitive->resistive fuel senders. It required the fuselage to be leveled.

I filled the left tank up full of fuel. The left tank, in its level position, took 20.19 Gallons of usable fuel, with the fuel being topped off right up to the bottom of the filler cap. I set the princeton sender to "Full".

I then emptied the fuel into containers via the fuel pump and transferred it to the right tank. The right tank took 20.27 gallons of usable fuel.

Next I returned the fuselage to its normal position on land. I was able to add a little extra fuel to the right tank, to bring its total capacity to 20.75 gallons. I know there is supposed to be 21 gallons usable per tank, so I dont know where the discrepancy is. It is either some air pockets in the tank or some inaccuracies in the measurements I performed or the pump produced. Either way I am happy it is close to the 21 gallons promised by Van's.

With the tail on the ground, I sumped out the remaining fuel from the empty left tank (emptied in a level position). This is about, or less than 1 oz of fuel that is unusable.

Finally I returned 10 gallons to the left tank, so both have roughly the same amount.



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