[August 8, 2010]

I was away most of this weekend at my buddies wedding reception in Detroit. I arrived back home early enough to get some descent work done on the project. I am planning on riveting on my forward skin tomorrow night. So I primed the skin with some AKZO.

I figured that once the forward skin is on, I can attach the canopy for good. I loaded it in the truck for a trip to the airport. There's barely anything left for the project left at the house.

Once I was at the airport, I started working on the wingtip ribs I made out of foamboard. I epoxied it into the wingtip with a mixture of epoxy and flox.

I then installed the wingtip. I did this because it is impossible to make a foam rib that fits perfectly. So I let the wingtip keep its main shape, and will shim it with foam, if needed, once the epoxy dries.

My buddy Mike Rollison pointed out I should drill a whistle hole (i think thats what its called) in the breather tube. The idea here is there is a chance the bottom of the breather tube could freeze over. If that happened, some seals on the engine could blow out as the pressure difference between the inside of the engine and the atmosphere differs. This 1/8" hole is a backup if the bottom freezes over. It is located higher up the tube, where the chance of it freezing is less because of the engine temp.

I disconnected the hose from the fuel servo and pumped out my left tank. I did this because I'm removing the fuel pump in order to make it easier to lay under the subpanel and buck rivets tomorrow.

I also ripped out the vent tubes.

I needed to adjust how the washers were arranged on the hardware attaching the rod end of the prop cable to the governor. I was getting some interference where the arrow points to.

Finally I reviewed my FAA inspection packet and found out that I needed a bunch of serial numbers off various parts of the project. It took quite some time because getting to some of the serial numbers wasn't easy. I really should of recorded everything when I bought it. Oh well, things to know for the next airplane!


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