[July 21, 2010]

I finally got a chance to spend a good part of the day in the hangar working on "the list". One thing that bothered me was a missing screw between the plate the bolts to the fuel servo and the FAB. A standard bolt wouldn't fit here because of how close the side is. So I found a 10-32 allen head screw that fit the job perfectly.

We saw the DirecTV blimp in the pattern, trying to figure out how to land it. From us onlookers, it looked like this was the pilots first day on the job. The tethers drag through a tree and caught on some branches.

Here it looked like it was about to impact the hangars.

There was a direct crosswind today. I have no idea why the blimp took this approach. The turbulence over the hangars was definitely affecting him.

As if the whole approach wasn't bad enough, he parked the sucker right in the middle of the runway for a good 5 minutes. Good thing there wasn't anybody in the pattern! This is just another reason why I don't like DirecTV!

After that fun and excitement, back to work on the hit list. My EAA Tech Counselor recommended I put additional nuts on the studs attaching the fuel servo to the sump. Done and done.

I mounted up the HID ballasts and wired up the landing and taxi light wires. I am pretty happy with how they turned out. Very clean.

I also worked on swapping out the locknuts holding on the control cables with some AN-10 bolts that will get a cotter pin.

There were a couple of us planning what needed to be finished before the first engine start (which is scheduled!). One item we talked about was preoiling the engine. This plug seemed to make the most sense to remove to install an adapter that will fit into the pre-oiler.

Finally I made some blocks to secure the wingtip hinges out of an old cutting board.



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