[May 30, 2010]

I started out today at home by cutting two panels out of 050 which I intend to mount the ballasts for the HID landing lights on. I made these 6.5" x 8.5".

When I got to the airport, a few people stopped by the hangar to talk RV's and general airport chit chat. The other day I met this guy Dan who has an Extra 300. Today he stopped over again and offered me up a ride. This was my first real aerobatic ride, and wow, what a great experience. What a machine the Extra 300 is. Anyone want to buy an almost finished RV-7???

Back to work, I mounted the plate I made at home to the wing. I needed the plate because there wasn't enough real-estate on the end of the wings for the ballasts. This plate is held to the wings with 4 AN3 bolts.

Next I worked on mounting the wingtips. I needed to trim the aft a little to accommodate the ailerons, and then I needed to futz with the hinge attachment system I am using because the pins didn't want to go in. After a little trial and error (error emphasized), the pins went in smoothly.

This was the original spacing I cut between the aileron and the wingtip -- just to get it to fit.

I then cut the wingtip again to have a 1/4" spacing between the aileron and wingtip. This is consistent with the spacing between the aileron and the flap. One thing that is a little concerning the the trailing edge of the wingtip extends more aft than the trailing edge of the aileron. I will have to mark this, cut the wingtip, and re-epoxy it back together. Plus I need to fit in the wingtip rib. I have a feeling all of this is going to be more difficult than it sounds.

I got a quick show of the project with wingtips on her. Wow its looking great!



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