[March 31, 2010]

Tonight was my first weeknight working on the project at the hangar. First up was wiring up the pitot heat. After some crimping of connectors I had the pitot heat controller wires up and the pitot tube got hot when I turned on the pitot heat. Another thing finished!

Next was rigging up the bellcrank with the aileron pushtubes. I torqued everything down and torque sealed it.

Next I hung the aileron.

And rigged it to the pushtubes. Its pretty unreal to be hooking all of this up for the last time.

I mounted the left flap too just to get it out of the way.

Next I needed to prep the right wing to be mounted. I drilled a 3/8" hole in the bottom right wing for the Grand Rapids outside air temperature (OAT) probe to be mounted.

I routed the wire through the rib with a rubber grommet.

Next I ran two runner strings down the conduit. One string goes 1/2 way down the wing for the autopilot and OAT sensor. The other string goes all the way down the wing for the landing lights nav lights.



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