[February 11, 2010]

For a long while on my list of things to do was to make a seal between the plenum and the engine. The fiberglass has an OK fit, but I wanted to make it as air-tight as possible. I started out by using packing tape to cover the engine to protect the RTV from sticking to it, but that just ended up being wasted space as it doesn't conform to the complex shape of the case. So instead I just applied a bunch of mold-release wax to the block and every place the RTV would come into contact to.

Then I loaded up the RTV on the plenum after I roughed up the mating surfaces and cleaned them with lacquer thinner.

Carefully I mounted and clecoed the plenum to the baffles. I them squeezed some more RTV in where I saw gaps.

In the end I think it turned out great. Looks like a good seal all around. Although, the real test will be tomorrow when I see how badly this is stuck to the case!

Whats novel about this pic? Well for year(s) there has been a masking-tape reminder on all of the valve covers to torque the screws. Tonight I finally did. 25 in-lbs per screw. Done.

Back to the rudder tips I glassed the other side and put some lightweight cloth over the counterweight joint.

I then did some filling of the counterweight tip of the rudder.

And also filled underneath of it.

Glassed the lower part of the rudder too. The rudder should have all of the glass on it that it will. Now all that's left is sanding and filling.

I made a styrofoam filler for the top tip of the vertical stabilizer and epoxied it to the tip.



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