[February 5, 2010]

There is a blizzard coming our way, so I made sure the house was stocked up with booze and firewood for this weekend. After the necessary precautions were taken care of I had a nice day of working on the empennage tips. I drilled the tips to the horizontal stabilizer and elevator.

I tried to maintain the gap I had before the tips were installed.

Did the left side too.

One issue I ran into with the elevator tips was when I drilled the pre-punched holes, the edge clearance wasn't all that great on the untrimmed fiberglass tips. I will just make the backing strip overhang this tip.

I pop-riveted the tip to the elevator.

Then epoxied the backing strips to the elevator tips.

I then mixed in some flox with the epoxy batch and used that to glue the taillight mount to the lower rudder tip. I secured it also with 4 CS4-4 rivets.

Finally today I received my seats from the upholsterer. I am very happy with how they turned out.



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