[December 19, 2009]

Today the "Blizzard of 2009" hit Maryland. According to the forecast, we were supposed to get greater than 12" of snow. Just to give you an idea, last year I didn't shovel the driveway once (we maybe had 2" of snow MAX). So it was a good day to be stuck in the hose working on the RV.

I had some minor filling left to do on the fairing. I finished this off using Rage Gold filler.

While the Rage was drying, I removed these damns on the front of the #1 and #2 cylinders. They are way too tall and will lead to some high CHT's on my first flight. I will figure out how big they need to be by temporarily using tape, then trimming these to the size of the tape and installing permanently.

Also I worked on the rear window in my basement. I cleaned up all of the masking tape residue with Kerosene (worked great), polished out some scratches and finished the edges. That puppy is ready to install!

A few weeks ago I bought this "High-Build Formula" filler-primer. Lets see what its got.

When I primed it I immediately say some low spots and some pinholes. NOT MANY THOUGH!

I filled in the pinholes and low spots with Rage.

Another coat of primer.

While that way drying, I decided my airplane looked cold and put some blanket on it. Well, not really. The aft end was already covered to protect it from any overspray of the primer. I created an area in the front of the garage to paint the canopy rollbar.

And here it is. All primed and painted with the first coat. I was kind of stupid and left my "clean hose" for painting on the floor and connected to my air supply for the past few weeks (months??). There was some moisture in it which created some crap spraying on my rollbar. No big deal since this is the first coat, but still. Dummy me.

Here is a shot of my porch with about 12" of snow on it. All day I was shoveling my driveway. My neighbors thought I was nuts for shoveling every two hours, but I thought it would be better to shovel 3-4" at a time rather than all 12" inches at once. As of right now (11:30pm) the snow has stopped and I have the only shoveled driveway on the block. It will be interesting to see what the neighbors do on the next snowstorm!



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