[December 2, 2009]

Wow! Tonight was a great night on the project. It seemed like I got a ton done, and I did. I started by moving the canopy into the basement from the garage. Its a good 70 degrees in the basement, which is about 30 degrees warmer than the garage. This will make it to be more comfortable and allow the epoxy to dry quicker. My work last night ended up looking great. The micro didn't run that much. I also didn't have to do a lot of sanding. Tonight I ended up mixing 3 heaping teaspoons of micro for every pump of epoxy. This consistency is great for building up the fairing, especially on the sides.

The dehydration plugs were pretty pink on the left side, so I tossed them in the oven to turn them back blue.

The GRT EIS needed to be modified to work with electronic ignition...or so I though. I think this is one of the newer models (9/18/2008 was the date inside). The middle circuit board is all surface mount electronics. The documentation for the modification that was called for showed the middle board having thru-hole electronics. I will call GRT to verify what I need to do. UPDATE: So I checked with Sandy at GRT and she said that if I had EIS software version 72 or greater, I do not need to make the hardware change. The only change I have to make is find the "TACH SENSE" option and set it to "HI".

next on the list was the heater control cable. Here is how I ran it.

And I put a #10 hole through the firewall angle to allow the cable to pass through.

This has been on my list for a while -- making some standoffs out of aluminum tube to secure the auxiliary battery.

I installed all of the nuts on the fuel controller and torqued them.

Next I torqued the 4 bolts that hold the top of the FAB to the bottom of the fuel controller. I also safety wires them. This was the best technique I could come up with. I might redo it.

On the FAB, I have been meaning to put two #30 hole in it to drain water out. I need two of them because one of them is within the filter element, the other is outside the filter element. Theoretically water could accumulate on either or both locations.

I did a test fir of the FAB and realized not all of the bolts are going in smooth. I might need to lobe out some of the holes in the top plate.

I also noticed there is no way this bolt is going in. I don't really know what to do about this now.



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