[April 22, 2008]

Quick evening tonight on the RV. I have a buddy in town and we plan on doin' some damage later on tonight! During the workday I got the word from Liz James my Sam James cowl shipped yesterday and should be here Friday. Also, I checked with Whirlwind to see what the status of my prop order was. The prop blades are made and painted, but not installed on the hub. It should ship in a few weeks. Perfect timing for putting off writing that big check for the remainder of the prop balance. I should be able to sneak in the order for the firewall forward kit this week!

Anyways, With the aft canopy roughly trimmed I fit it under the aft skin. The aft canopy just bows out and hugs the top skin nicely. What a nice break from the forward canopy that was fighting the fit the entire time.

I needed to take a few clecoes and screws out because the canopy fits over the thick angle that supports the rollbar. The canopy will get trimmed later on to make this a much better fit.

The aft canopy is sitting too much forward, I need to trim about 7/32" off to make it line up better. Oh, BTW, Van's tells ya to drill the canopy first then work on the fit between the two pieces. I see this as a majorly flawed approach because you really only get one chance to get it right. If you don't nail it the first time, you are just gonna make the gap between the two halves bigger. My approach is to get the two halves 100% perfectly separated and then drill the aft canopy.

The aft canopy is real awkward, the only way it stands up now is on its forward end. To slice the little bit off the aft, I used my trashcan as a support. Worked great.

I then used a marker on a homemade spacing thingamabob to mark a straight line down the front of the aft canopy. Same trick I used for the forward canopy.

This is how I supported the aft canopy while I made the cut across the front.

I just had to see how the two parts fit together. I wasn't expecting much.

However, it turned out lookin' pretty good. As far as I can tell, it's damn near perfect. I need to take some masking tape off to get a better idea, but who ruin a perfectly good evening? I am gonna just be ignorant and assume its perfect and celebrate accordingly!



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