[April 6, 2008]

So last night I was agonizing how to mark off the front of the canopy so it would be symetrical. Well, everything I tried led to failure, so I taped it off by eye and let her rip. I need to move on!

My initial trim...looks alright.

I have about 3/32" gap at the middle

And about a 1/16" gap on either side.

I marked the vertex of the gaps and trimmed from vertex to vertex. That seems to work really well to get the gap down. Once that was done, I trimmed the front so it was somewhat parallel to the front of the skin. That got my gap in the middle to nothin'.

I battled a gap on either side, about 1/32". I still don't have this one solved, but I am not going to worry about it too much either. I don't feel too bad pulling the canopy tight to get rid of this little gap. Not much stress will be induced on the canopy from that.

Here is a side profile of where I am at. You can see I numbered all of the holes on the canopy skin. That is so I can easily check for symmetry between the sides.

Here are all of the slivers of canopy I had to cut. I honestly had the thing on and off about 7-8 times tonight. It is iterative, but its not all that bad because I can see progress happening.



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