[February 6, 2008]

Tonight was a great night working on the project because I was able to start and finish the aft canopy latch. The canopy latches by this powdercoated bar going through a hole on the canopy frame. When the latch is engaged, it enters into a hole on the F-705 bulkhead (made way earlier) to hold it closed. Anyways, here is the bar in place into two UHMW bushings.

I measures everything out roughly and clamped it down. I barely backdrilled the UHMW bushings using the #30 holes in the F-705 as a guide. I just drilled enough so I could them the bushing out and drill them on the drill press to a #10 using the #30 hole as a pilot. Once the bushings were drilled, I enlarged the holes on the F-705 to a #12 as well.

OK, this part is done with the bushings temporarily bolted to the bulkhead. The latch closes smoothly without any interference.

Next I started working on the linkage that connects the aft latch to the opening mechanism on the drivers side of the fuselage. The two small linkages that connect to the power coated piece need to be bent a twisted a little to match the differences in the angle.

I made the connecting rode and tapped it for a 1/4 thread and connected everything up. It works as advertised!

An optional weight savings mod is to trim the powder coated latch bar on the right side. This bottom part isn't used for anything.

After making some sparks fly with the die grinder and some filing, the mod is complete. Looks good!

Lastly I start to mess with the canopy frame but didn't make it very far. I figure I will start trying to understand it tomorrow when I am fresher.


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