[February 2, 2008]

I wasted most of today with cleaning up the last of the leaves on the yard. Yeah, I know its February and leaves typically fall off the trees in the fall, but this has been the first weekend where the weather has been nice to do it. Anyways, after 5 hours of hard labor, its done until next year. Time to work on the RV.

I backdrilled the 1/4" hole in the F-745 rib by using the C-617 as a drill guide.

Here is the 1/4" hole. Since I am not using the Jettison mechanism (like most other RV builders), I am going to put a bolt in this 1/4" hole instead of the sliding pin. However, it looks like I will need to make a special washer to avoid the flange of the side subpanel.

Using the C-617 block as a guide, I drilled the C-619's other hole.

I placed the C-617/618/619 in the fuselage anf got ready to drill. Ignore the clamp in the pic, it is prematurely put in there.

I used some AN3 bolts to keep everything aligned.

Next I put on the top skin.

And pealed up the top skin to get the drill in there to drill a #12 hole into the F-644.

I removed everything and place the C-617 on the F-644 so I can backdrill the 1/4"

Same issue here with the hole being close to the flange. No biggie. That pretty much does it for the fabrication for the canopy hinge point.

Next on the list is to cut into the side of the fuse skin for the opening mechanism. You are supposed to copy this and place it on the side of the fuse, but that is asking for errors left and right. I am trying to figure out the best way to drill a guide piece for the drill holes and the slots. I have something up my sleeve, but I want to wait until it works before I post it here.



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