[March 22, 2008]

OK, so yesterday I had interference with the leading edge of the right elevator. I tried to re-roll it but it kept on interfering. I thought I needed to give in and just buy another elevator. But then I started to think about how to make the bend tighter - I would need to remove some material. So, I cut off the bottom part of the roll from the elevator.

I backdrilled the rivet line into the cut off part, dimpled it and riveted it back onto the elevator, but now it is about 3/8" shorter. The roll ended up looking a little funky, but it totally worked perfectly when it was mounted. Plus, you can't tell at all its messed up when you look at it. The day was saved.

Next I ran through the range of movement of the elevator. It was a little short on the down measurement. Well, the steel horn was hitting the top of the F-711 bulkhead angle.

I took anout 1/16" and that gave me the travel I needed.

Next I gathered up a bunch of parts and did a small batch of priming.

I riveted and bolted the aft elevator stop on.

And I finished off the aileron trim.

And finally the F-781 attach plate was riveted to the forward spar of the vert. stab. That completely wraps up the mating of the empennage to the plane. Exactly three weeks to do the empennage and wings - not too shabby. I think I will work on the wingtips next.



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