[March 19, 2008]

With the measuring tapes I laid out last night I finalized the positioning of the HS tonight. 85 3/16" from the F-706 bulkhead on the right side.

And the same on the left.

Next I marked on the HS where the hole needed to go through the longeron, spacers, HS, etc.. It took quite some time to get this dead on. The longeron is 3/4" wide, but you need to center is on the inner 5/8" of the angle, meaning the hole needed to be 9/16" from the outboard part of the longeron. The hole also seemed to line up with the rivets holding on the aft deck. That is what I really used in the end of mark the drill line on the HS>

I drilled it initially with a 12" #40 drill bit. I used a #40 drill bit with a drill stop on it to hold everything in place. With all the material here, a cleco would not hold.

Here is a view from the bottom. Great centered edge distance all around. I am very happy with how this turned out.

I enlarged the two outboard holes slowly to a #12 hole. I then used the angle drill bit to drill the two inner bolt holes.

Next was onto drilling the aft of the HS.

I put some 3/16" drill bits between the bottom of the HS and the aft deck. This is called for in the plans to have the HS sit properly. Once it was all done, I clamped it up.

Using the pilot holes on the two bars on the F-711 bulkhead, I backdrilled the rear spar on the HS. I then went to the aft of the plane and enlarged the holes fullsize. It took no time and everything turned out fantastic.

Next I mounted up the elevators and clamped them in trail.

I then installed the aft pushtube.

And adjusted the pushtube so the bellcrank was in its neutral position. My finger is acting as the alignment tool. Supposedly the bottom hole in the bellcrank is supposed to be centered in the hole on the bottom of this rib.

Next I got the VS from the basement and trimmed its front spar 5/16"

I got the F-781 vertical stabilizer attach plate out, deburred it and marked the alignment lines on it. I then clamped it to the HS.

I then places the VS on the fuselage. I called it a night here. I got a lot done tonight. I am real pleased at how quickly the empennage mounting is coming along.



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