[March 15, 2008]

My dad came over to help take the wings off and with some misc stuff this morning and afternoon. The wings came off easily. It's so nice to have the garage back to being able to MOVE AROUND. It was really cramped for the last two weeks with the wings on. We started on putting on all of the nutplates that hold on the wing root fairing. There are TONS of nutplates to put on. These are the ones on the fuel tank. No interference with the pro-seal to speak of.

Next was a 1/4" stubby nutplate on the fuel tank attachment angle. The orientation of the nutplate is supposedly important according the Van's.

Next was the nutplates on the main part of the wing. Tons and tons of repetition.

And finally this one legged nutplate on the very aft of the top skin. I didn't know what way to orient the nutplate. In this orientation, some the the rivets will not be hidden by the wing root faring. However, the other way the flap leading edge could interfere. I made an executing decision to avoid interference.

I cut the vent union off at work the other day and got around to finishing it off tonight. I will proseal some screen to it to help keep the critters out.

Next was a whole mess of miscelaneous items. I drilled and riveted the armrests to the F-705 bulkhead.

The I put the channel cover on the F-704 bulkhead. I needed to drill the armrest to this bulkhead. To keep the armrest perpendicular with the side of the fuselage, I needed to boost it up. This piece of wood resting on the cleco gave the perfect boost. Plus it was easy to take to the other side to get identical results.



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