[March 10, 2008]

Tonight I worked on finishing up the tubing runs. This is the vent tube from the fuselage to the tank. It was the simplest one to make.

Another shot from the top.

This is the 3/8" fuel feed tube. It took some fancy measuring to get the "S" turn just right.

It is a straight shot from the connector on the tank into the fuselage.

I ended up putting a coupler here because I am going to put a union here eventually and make a short tubing run to the fuel selector valve. There are just too many unknowns now with how the AFP fuel pump and filter tubing routing will be, so I decided to play it safe.

Next I used some 1/8" thick aluminum bar to mark a line on the flaps to give it some clearance on the fuselage.

Finally I made this spacer for the ailerons. I am going to buy a nylon bushing tomorrow that is 1/2" in diameter to act as a stop. The idea is the bushing will go around the spacer here, and rub against the bracket the ailerons pivot on.



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