[December 5, 2007]

I have been working on some more panel layouts, and I think I stumbled onto a configuration I like, ascetically and financially! I have been totally sold on the Advanced Flight Systems EFIS and EMS. I really like the layout and how they look. But they are pricey. So I started playing around the the Dynon EFIS/EMS solutions. When I ran the numbers, I can get a Dynon D100 EFIS and D180 EFIS/EMS combo unit for about $500 more than one complete AFS-3400 EFIS/EMS. The Advanced equivalent was about $3500 more than the dual Dynon solution. Now, for that $3500 I save, I do lose a few features - possibility of a moving map, better user interface and more little features. However, with the Dynon I get a free AOA indicator since I already have their pitot tube. Another plus for the dynon is occasionally they appear on the used market for a little more of a discount.

I laid out where the static port goes and drilled a 1/4" hole for the SafeAir1 port. I needed to move the hole 5/16" forward of the original callout (1" forward of the rivet line, instead of 11/16") so the flange on the back of the static port didn't interfere with the flange of the F-708 bulkhead.

Here is a inside shot. I have about 1/16" between the end of the static port and the flange, right where I wanted it to be. I really don't think moving it forward is going to affect the accuracy of the static port at all.

Next I started on the canopy frame/rollbar. First thing is you need to make a bunch of angles. Not too hard. I made good use of the bench sander to speed up this process.

And here is how the thicker angle sits on the top of the longeron and F-705 bulkhead. The canopy frame gets attached here.



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