[November 29, 2007]

Tonights plan was to get the F-7110 stick boot rings made. At work I used the shears to cut the 032 to the proper size. I then used this trick to bend the angle to fit the contour of the seat pan.

Perfect fit. Van's gives you 1000 dimensions for this thing for where to cut out the center hole and where the six #19 holes go. Why bother laying all of that out when the seat floor is already prepunched with all those goodies? If I can clamp the ring to the floor, I can backdrill everything on the ring.

I marked a 1/4" line on two of the sides of the ring. I also marked generally where the center cut out would be. Using the 3/4" unibit, I made some holes to put the clamps through.

Here the ring is clamped to the floor once aligned with the 1/4" lines I drew.

Super simple to backdrill all of this.

After some cuttin', filin' and sandin', these puppies are done. I can't believe it took me 2 hours to do these!

Finally I put in 4 nutplates on each of the floor bottoms. These guys are ready to be painted now!



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