[October 11, 2007]

Before getting started on the aft deck, I needed to install the control brackets to the F-704 bulkhead. I decided to wait on these so I could have proper bucking access to the rivets on the floor.

This is the challenge - to install a washer and a nut on the bolt end between the two bulkheads.

The washer was each to install with a telescoping magnet.

I went to sears today to see how much a long 3/8" wrench would be. Turns out those crooks wanted 8 bucks! When I got home, I was really glad I didn't buy it because I made it with the help of a pair of vice grip pliers.

I used some masking tape to help keep the nut in the wrench. Installing these was trivial. Everything was torqued down and the control brackets are done.

Next was onto the aft canopy deck. The drawings give you a basic line to shoot for - I think it was 7/16" or so.

Next was onto leveling out the fuse. I needed to jack one side up about 0.2" for the F-704's to be level.

So here the front bulkhead is level.

And the longerons are level, front to back.

I was lucky because a sawhorse I had already was the perfect height to make the fuse level lengthwise.

The next thing I needed to do was get the twist out. I think I had about a 0.3 degree twist. I tied a rope between the HS support bars and my house to hold the fuse in a twist free state.

See - no twist. I clamped down the aft deck.

Another check, still good.

To double check myself, I used a conventional level.

I drilled the aft deck to the longerons then took it off to fabricate the spacers that go on top of the F-710 and F-711 bulkheads.

I then used double sided tape to hold the spacers to the top of the bulkheads.

After some drilling, the aft deck is done! It still needs to be primed and installed, but I am going to try to get some more parts to do a proper priming job with. I hate priming just 3 things with all the work in setup and cleanup that priming with AKZO involves.



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