[August 21, 2007]

Instead of boring you about all the dimpling I did tonight, I will cut to the chase of the meaty stuff. I dimpled this rivet above the rear spar because Chad Jensen pointed out that this rivet could interfere with the rear spar of the wings. I made it flush to avoid that possible interference.

Now here is something not so smart. This hole indicated gets enlarged to a #12 hole for the fuel tank attach bracket. Well, its dimpled now, along with the auxiliary longeron underneath of it being countersunk. I will deal with this later somehow.

Used my #10 screw dimpler on the bottom skin.

I put a dummy rivet here. This hole would be where the "A" models run their brake lines.

Another "rivet to nowhere" - this time on the side skins. This would be where the step could penetrate into the fuselage.

I also dimpled the side skin for the #10 flush screw.

Finally, I dimpled the F-715 outer seat ribs for where the flush rivet goes above the rear spar. I took a big bite out of the dimpling tonight, but I still have a ton more.



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