[August 17, 2007]

From what I have heard, its fairly easy to bend the armrests in RV's, especially by people who aren't familiar with the RV and use the armrest to get themselves in and out. A popular solution is to reinforce them lengthwise. I chose to use some 063 x 3/4" x 3/4" angle, only because it was light and I had a boatload of it. I spaced the rivets about 1 1/8" apart, ending up with something like 25 rivets. I don't really remember the details.

Another shot - notice how the angle sticks out further than the flange of the armrest.

Another shot.

Like I said before, the bottom of the angle sits further down than the flange of the armrest, because the angle is 3/4", and the armrest flange is somewhere around 19/32". A bandsaw would of been really helpful here, but I was able to get by with a cut off wheel in a die grinder. When it is all together now, it looks much better and is much stronger.

Next was my anal masking off of the overlapping portion of the skins. Here is where the side and seat bottom skins overlap the aft fuselage.

and this is the forward end of the seat bottom skin where the forward bottom skin overlaps.

And this is the skin skin where it gets tucked under the seat bottom skin.

And finally, the forward bottom skin where it gets tucked under the side skins. You can see I am making the most out of the storage shelf I put in between the wings in the cradle. That shelf was the best idea I have had the whole project, beside starting the project.



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