[June 29, 2007]

I got a surprise at work today, a quart of the interior paint. Sherwin Williams water-based JetFlex in Sandy Beige. I heard that I will need two quarts of this before I am done, but I didn't want to buy two quarts now because this stuff has a shelf life of a year. Worst thing I do is lose shipping cost.

Back to the center fuse, I fluted the top of the outboard F-715 seat ribs to contour the seat pan. I didn't drill the pan to this rib yet. I think I am going to wait until the side skin is drilled.

Next was installing the lap belt brackets. I am glad I waited until now -- it would of been a pain to buck some of the rivets the nuts of would of interfered with.

Next was onto the prep to join the center fuse to the aft fuse. I needed to notch the aft end of the longeron to fit around the vertical bars that hold the horizontal stabilizer. Anyways, on the drawings there are dimensions on how to place the aft deck on the longeron to mark where the cutout is.

I marked the cutout with a sharpie.

Then I made the cut with a hacksaw and a lot of filing.

After some iterative work, the longeron fit perfectly.

Another shot.

Oh, this is how I made the nicely diametered curve - two 3/32" holes.

Van's says to flip the aft fuse and then install the longerons, but it seemed way easier to put the longerons in now on the aft fuse, then flip it.

Before I could flip everything, I needed to make a third sawhorse. I had all the material so I banged it out in no time. Once that was made, I flipped the aft fuselage. I positioned the new sawhorse where the downward bend was on the longerons, so it would line up with the F-704 bulkhead.

With the new sawhorse aligned for the F-704 bulkhead, I needed to support the F-705 bulkhead somehow. I searched the house for something the same height of the sawhorse and came up with the ironing board. It was a little shaky, but it didn't need to do much for long.

My girlfriend and I flipped the center fuse and let it sit on the new sawhorse and the ironing board.

After a lot of coercing, squeezing and cursing, I was able to get the clecoes in.

Another shot of the two sections joined. This thing is starting to get BIG!



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