[June 12, 2007]

After a nice weekend at the beach, it was time to get back to work on the project. Since I am using the hooker harnesses, it is not as cut and dry as Van's makes it out to be, since the hooker harness's grommet is 5/16" thick, and Van's is 1/8". It took a lot of iterative work to make sure all of the edge distances worked out good. Anyways , I banged out the right side first and then documented the left side.

The ribs on either side of the bracket need to be marked. The centerline is an extension of the centerline of the #8 screw hole (line #1). Next there is the forward line (line #2) that is 7/32" from the centerline. The aft line (line #3) is 3/32" from the centerline. This give me the 10/32" spacing that the harness needs.

I made a 5/16" spacer out of a 2x4.

Next I clecoed on the seat pan.

Then I aligned and drilled the forward bracket to the ribs. I think you gotta have the 90 degree drill to get these suckers.

Next I put the 5/16" spacer in and the aft bracket and drilled it to the rib.

I clamped the forward flange of the forward bracket down to keep it in place. The other one I did moved around when I backdrilled it from the holes in the seat pan.

Next I backdrilled the 4 #19 screw holes from the seat pan into the brackets.

And the finished holes - overall, good edge distances.

Another issue with the hooker harnesses is where the webbing wraps around the belt bracket sit too high in the default location -- the belt needs to sit lower.

This is the ideal place for the hole to be.

I drilled a new hole 1/2" below the predrilled ones.

I mounted the brackets back onto the seat ribs and backdrilled the forward bracket's belt attachment hole up to 1/4". They need to be 5/16" for a AN5 bolt, but I don't have that bit. I will enlarge this guy later on.

Finally I started drilling the one legged nutplates to top of the brackets.

Whats this thing? Oh yeah, my unfinished wing. My dad is going to donate some riveting time tomorrow so I wheeled out the wings and got it ready for the last bottom skin to go on.



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