[June 4, 2007]

I spent all night on everything else but the project. My Buick was having some acceleration issues, so I worked a bunch on that. Next was spending 40 minutes on hold to remove one of my XM radio units from my account because it doesn't work anymore. Before I knew it, it was 10:30.

The first thing to do for the center fuselage is fabricate 4 F-916C spacers out of AB4-125x1 1/2" stock. I found some scrap of this leftover from trimming the rear spar. After doing some careful measuring, I would need to make skinny cuts to not waste any of it. I used the small cutoff wheel in dremel. You can see on the right what was left over.

This is as far as I got tonight. All I have to do is drill a center #30 hole and these things are done.



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