[June 2, 2007]

Today I only intended on priming, but as you will see, I kicked ass and got a lot done. Anyways, I was thinking about dimpling the F-712 bulkhead for where the keeper rivets went, but then I would have to countersink my nicely powercoated tailwheel bracket, as well as dull my countersinking bit on steel. I thought about this for 0.0002 seconds and decided it was easiest to just countersink the bulkhead.

This is a water sample of the polluted Chesapeake Bay....not. I have always heard to stir AKZO every now and again while it is doing its mixing up and doing its thing for 30 minutes before you can use it. Until today, I have never visually notices the separation. Good reminder as to why to keep stiring this stuff.

The side fuse and j-stiffeners primed.

And the bottom of the aft fuse primed.

This hole needs to be enlarged to a #19 and then dimpled for a #8 screw that holes in a sleeve for the rudder cables.

I primed all mating surfaces on the skins, which was a little harder than I thought it was to figure out what overlaps what. I took the liberty of taking some pics.

And this is the overlap of the thick rear bottom portion of the aft fuse.

After a ton of work, I managed to get everything dimpled. Its only 9:00pm, so why stop here?

I riveted the F-712 bulkhead on first to the bottom skin without it being clecoed to the rest of the fuse.

Next I made a custom bucking bar out of a broken back riveting set ducked taped to another bucking bar to add mass to the contraption. The arrow points to the bucking surface, which is the end that would go into the riveting gun. Why do I need this????

My new bucking bar/rod is the only way I could figure out how to buck this rivet. I think there is a tungsten bucking bar with a slope on it that would of gotton this nicely, but my bar worked out perfectly. Once I set all of these rivets, I torqued down the two AN4 bolts seen here.

Next I started reassembling the fuselage. I thought this stage of the aft fuse looked cool, so I snapped a couple of pics of it. Looks like a skeleton.

Tada....The aft fuse all clecoed together for the last time. Well, almost clecoed together. I was hoping I could book some time with my dad to rivet this thing together this week (along with the wing bottom skin), but he decided to scoot out of town all week to try to make some cash. Doh! I need to see if I can dig up another riveting buddy who accept food and beer as payment.



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