[April 17, 2007]

With the firewall out of the way, it is time to move onto all of the bulkheads. The center section bulkhead was provided with the wing kit. It is match drilled in a jig with the wings to make the fit perfect. It is nice and dusty.

And the beautiful contents. Gotta love how the gold anodization looks.

First thing first is to drill and enlarge some holes for running wires and the rudder cables. The two large holes on the side were predrilled, while the two in the center were given in the drawings. I don't know why there weren't prepunched like all the other holes. I guess Van's remembered them after the fact.

These are the two holes on the aft bulkhead. They come about 7/32" from the existing prepunched holes.

On the side sections you need to enlarge a #30 hole to 5/8", I am guessing this will be rudder cables.

To match drill the bulkheads, Van's tells ya to use one close tolerant bolt to help alignment. I figured why not do all 4. These bolts live up to their name. It is tight in there.

On the aft bulkhead, there is a spacer that needs to be clamped into place for drilling.

Both spacer drilled. The forward side of the spacers get countersunk, so I marked each spacer appropriately.

I had some more time, so I started on the control column. You drill one of the holes on these things, then backdrill the other using the bulkhead as a guide.

With these drilled, I marked them where they can be modified to save some weight. I am going to take them to work tomorrow and use the bandsaw.



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