[October 9, 2007]

Tonight's entry is actually like the last 3 days worth of work, I just didn't get a chance to put it all online with everything else going on. Anyways, I mounted up the right aileron.

Here is the detail of how the inboard end of the aileron attaches to the wing. You need to make the spacer.

And the outboard end.

Next I needed to take out the bellcrank brackets off the wing. The top one needs to come out because the long AN4 bolt that goes in there needs to be installed in the bracket before it is attached to the wing.

See what I mean? There is no way to install this bolt with the bracket in place.

Next I installed the brass bushing in the bellcrank. I lubed it up with AeroShell 33MS grease.

With the bellcrank installed, I installed the pushrod.

And also put in the bellcrank alignment tool that Van's provides ya with.

Next onto mounting the flaps. The biggest pain is finding the right clamp to hold the inboard end. I tool one of these C cleco clamps and put 3 AN3-960 washers taped to it. This gives the clamp the ability to strattle the hinge eyelets.

Perfect fit.

My next idea was a better way to hold the aileron and flap aligned with each other. I didn't like the way I did the left side, because the clamp at the top got in the way of measuring how the trailing edges lined up. So, I got some scrap wood, put some 1/4" holes in it and got a long 1/4" bolt.

See how nice this clamp is?

And a shot looking down. The shank of the bolt is like 0.200", so it doesn't interfere with the 0.25" spacing the aileron and flaps needed.

Once I drilled that flap hinge, I needed to take the hinge out to debur and remove two eyelets to facilitate installing the hinge pin from the middle.

After a little work of riveting the hinge on, I bend both hinge pins to contour to the brace.

Finally, after some wrestling, I was able to get the flap installed. I did the same for the other side. Right now, I am done everything on the wings, except the wingtips and installing some nutplates for the inspection panels. I am officially declaring the wings COMPLETE!



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