[February 25, 2007]

I started today with a necessary trip to Sears to pick up a new drill chuck key. I actually bought two of them so this wouldn't happen again. A second reason for buying two of them is it guarantees that I will never loose another one, and I will find the other one.

I have been shopping around for a LED headlamp for a while now because I figured it would be useful around the shop, and also for working on the truck. A good luxeon headlamp ran like 30-60 bucks at the camping stores. I saw this guy which is a Luxeon (V i think - 3 watt) on a hangar with $9.99 stuck to it. I compared the UPC's, and it didn't match. Anyways, I couldn't find the price for it on any of the tags for the headlamps. So I took it to the salesguy who helped me with the chuck key and he scanned it - $29.99. I told him that it was on the $9.99 hangar and he told me it was my lucky day. Giddy up and thanks Sears! I think the salesguy was in a good mood because it was snowing outside and the store was a ghosttown.

I match drilled the holes on the aileron brackets and then clecoed it to the wing. I then backdrilled into the outboard rib for the 5 rivets. Before doing this, I noticed a slight outward bow at where the rib met the rear spar. I took a block of wood and a hammer and beat it into shape and all fit well.

Next was match drilling the aileron brace.

Before you can cleco on the flap brace, you have to trim it slightly. The red arrow points to a hole that is going to be close for edge distance minimums. In fact, I dont think you can get the proper distance. I have 7/32", which is 1/32" off. Who cares for one rivet?

Finally, I ordered a pitot tube finally today. I ordered the brand new Dynon heated AOA pitot tube. At $450, it is not a small chunk of change. But it does have a couple of advantages. First off, it is lighter (7 oz pitot, 5oz control unit) than the gretz (14 oz). Secondly, it has the AOA probe built into it. Now, the one thing that this limits me to is using the Dynon EFIS to work with it. I really like the AFS AOA displays, but I don't like how there sensors require extra holes in the wing and more tubes back to the control unit. The Dynon is nice because its dead simple, light and easy to install.vOh well, we will see what the future holds. I wanted to get the pitot as soon as possible to before I closed up the wings.

Secondly, I ordered up the SafeAir1 pitot-static air line kit. I had heard some issues with the static ports they include to be inaccurate. Tony Munday was nice enough to shed some light on this rumor -

Mike, Everyone's heard about the inaccuracy of flush mount static ports. It's like the "great primer wars" of the past. I can only say we've sold hundreds of these kits over the years and I've never had a CUSTOMER tell me they had problems. I also offer a money back guarantee on the pitot-static kits. No one has EVER returned one. Lastly, I tell folks that if they're not comfortable with our kits, they should use Van's pop rivet approach. Interestingly enough, my buddies Cessna Centurion has flush (and I mean flush!) static ports. Did Cessna do it wrong, too? Regards, Tony Munday SafeAir1



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