[February 19, 2007]

Today started out with Jeff Ezell coming over, a prospective RV builder that lives about 2 seconds from a house I lived in 3 years ago. We spent 3 hours chatting about RV's and then I put him to work doing a rib of rivets on the left wing skin. Thanks a lot Jeff for helping out!

Next my dad showed up and we loaded the right wing into the dolly. As small as this move was, it was a major milestone in the project as term of progress.

Next was onto the left skin - we blew through this, getting it done in about 3 hours. I owe my dad big time for coming over and helping out so much,

My workbenches are a complete disaster now -- it takes so long to find anything.

I then loaded the left wing into the cradle solo, which I don't recommend doing. I almost dropped the left wing!

I stole this idea from Brad Oliver, who in turn stole it from someone else. I put some 3/8" bolts through the spar holes to keep the spar from falling off of the cradle. I put some duct tape on the bolt shaft to protect the spar.

Next I started the process of deconstructing the wing jigs. If anyone out there wants to borrow all of the aluminum angle for the spar support, let me know. It will save you a few hours and a few bucks.



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