[November 27, 2006]

Tonight I felt like I got a lot accomplished. First thing was I banged out the leading edge cradle. This was a nice break from match drilling a bazallion holes. I used 3/4" plywood because I had the perfect sheet of scrap laying around. I padded it with the carpet I used for the workbenches and stapled it down.

Next I put the right leading edge skin in the cradle and removed the interior vinyl. Then I pondered the order of the ribs. I thought that I match drilled them, but I didn't see any numbers. It seems like forever ago that I did all of that. Well, I found the numbers and clecoed the ribs in. Then I clecoed the leading edge to the wing. I then put the root leading edge rib in place and marked where the rivets go with a sharpie. I used the holes to know where to flute this rib. Once fluted I put the rib back in place and got ready to drill the spar attachment holes. I put a tri square across the spar, with the edge against the leading edge skin. I clamped one side and used some nylon line to hold the other side tight. Then I clamped the rib to the square. I marked where the holes would go with a sharpie and took the rib out to check for edge clearance issues. Looked go to go so I put it all back together and made the drill with the 12" #30 bit. I checked out the holes and clecoed the rib back in.

Next I got a strip that is used for the fuel tank attachment. I marked both a line on the front of the strip to line up with the skin holes and also one on the back to line up the rib with. I squeezed it in (seemed to work easiest starting at the bottom and working around the leading edge to the top). I am going to let this sit overnight and drill tomorrow.

leading edge cradgle made and carpeted.

This is where I marked the rib with where the skin holes are.

This is the tri square aligned.

...And this is where the holes fall.

Everything clamped in place

And here are the results. Pefection.

This is the fuel tank attachment strip in place.



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