[November 6, 2006]

I have been banging my head all day trying to figure out what to do with conduit holes. My main issue is the future possibility of a Angle of Attack (AOA) probe. Dynon has one that is built into the pitot, however, it requires an additional run of tubing back to the fuselage. So if I am going with that, I need to enlarge the lower tooling holes from the pitot to the root to 3/8" to accomodate the piping. But then, you lose your hole that you could of used for the pitot heat.

While I was thinking about that, I drilled the #30 pilot for the 3/4" conduit from the tip to the root. I decided to drill the hole 1" up from the bottom of the rib. From that one hole, I clecoed the ribs together to use the first hole as a pilot for the rest of the ribs. It worked out perfectly. I saw some other people use wood or cardboard templates, however, the issue with that is that the length of the ribs changes as you get to the tip ribs (W-712-L/R). When I clecoed them together using the tooling holes, everything lines uip perfectly. I then enlarged the holes in the left ribs with a 3/4" Unibit and then deburred them. It got too late to make the noise with the drillpress for the right ribs tonight.

My #30 pilot hole for the 3/4" conduit

Two ribs clecoed together with the tooling holes.

Another shot of the clecoed allignment. Doesn't get any better than this.

This is what the hole looked like after enlarged. Looks perfect to me.

After thinking about my conduit runs some more, I am thinking that I am going to forget running a AOA to my pitot. The only people who have it are Dynon, and I am not planning on using their EFIS. Advanced Flight Systems (AFS) has a nice AOA that is independent of a EFIS, and I can always put that in anytime. If I di go with the AFS AOA, I can run the AOA pressure lines down the conduit. I should have room in one of them for it. From the way the weather looks this week, I can afford to screw around thinking about this. I can't prime until Friday, and today is Monday.


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