[November 4, 2006]

Today I finished up fluting the ribs. I didn't flute the two inboard leading ribs because they weren't prepunched. Sure, I could of gotton out the leading edge skins and figured it out, but the hell with that. I can wait to flute two stinking ribs.

I assembled the ribs with the two spars. Let me tell you this - it is worth every second invested into all of this BS with nutplates and rib deburring to get to this point. The layout of the ribs isn't very straightforward. The drawing only shows the left wing -- the right wing is just a mirror with everything flipped around. So what wing did I start with -- you got it, the right one.

I have tons of stuff to do around the house for the rest of the day and a party later on tonight, so that's it for the plane today.

This is the leading edge rib without holes.

Finally, the pile of ribs looks like something has been done to it. 52 ribs fluted.

The ribs clecoed onto the front spar

Both spars clecoed together.

Anyone seen this on any other builders site?



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